GarageBand on Mac – How to use GarageBand on MacOS

GarageBand on Mac is the best thing you can have for creating and recording music. GarageBand for Mac is the free music studio app that let you use professional gears and tools for creating music on your Macbook. GarageBand has all the instruments and sounds that can help you in creating great music.

In this post, you will get to know, how to install GarageBand on Mac and how to use GarageBand on Mac to create music on it. If you are using a windows PC and see this to instalGarageBandnd on Windows PC.

GarageBand on Mac

Installing GarageBand on Mac is easy. If you wanted to install Garageband on Mac, make sure you have latest MacOS installed on your Macbook or iMac. Apple is rolling MacOS Mojave update to the Mac computers and if the update is available, just update to the latest MacOS.

Once you got the latest MacOS, now you can proceed further to install Garageband on Mac.

Install GarageBand on Mac

Installing GarageBand on Mac is really easy. You can download GarageBand for Mac from the Apple’s official website. Initially, GarageBand came as the pre-installed app iPhone as well as on Mac computers but now the GarageBand for Mac is not a free app you need to buy the bundle for $4.99 to download and use.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to install GarageBand on Mac

1. Open the Launchpad and then look for App Store in it.


2. Once you found the App Store, open it.

3. Now, on the App Store, look for GarageBand. GarageBand would be the first app you will see. You need to pay $4.99 to download the GarageBand on Mac. If you are really into the music production business, $4.99 is not even a price for you.


Once you installed the GarageBand on Mac, it is ready to use. Go ahead and create some soulful music on your Mac computer.

If you are a beginner to GarageBand, don’t worry, the next part is all about ‘How to use GarageBand on Mac‘ which will cover some really basic stuff about GarageBand on Mac.

How to use GarageBand on Mac

Using GarageBand on Mac is really easy. GarageBand offers you different project templates that you can choose as per your need. Before creating the music, here is some basic stuff you need to know about GarageBand on Mac.

Opening the Project

First of all, you need to open the project area where you will create music. To do that, open the GarageBand and go to File menu and then select ‘New‘. You can also use shortcut key by pressing ⌘+N to open the new project.


You will find a couple of options. In songwriter mode, you will get the preset instruments, Audio and other stuff you need to create a new song. Similarly, in Electronic, you will get the preset Trance sounds, Bass and Drum kicks that will help you in creating EDM and other electronic music. You can choose either of them as per your need but if you want to start from scratch without any preset sounds, simply open Empty Project.

Adding Instruments on Empty Project

If you have chosen the Empty project, here is what you need to do to start creating music on GarageBand. On the new empty project, you will get a basic Classic Electric Piano. Use your keyboard to play the Piano notes and to record it. You can see the Piano Keyboard on your screen by going to Windows > Show Musical Typing or press ⌘+K.


If you wanted to add more Tracks, simply click on the + icon (see screenshot), select Empty Project and add another track. Choose any instrument you wanted to add in your song and go on.


Using Loops on GarageBand

Once you opened the project, now it is time to create some music on it. Creating music on GarageBand is so easy. There is an inbuilt library of Loops that you can use in your songs as well. There are loops from different Genres, Moods, Instruments. You can sort the loops as per your need and type of music. You will get to know the Note of the loop as well as the BPM or Tempo of the loop which is also useful for any music creator.

You can open the Loop menu from the Top Right corner. See Screenshot below.


Record External Instrument on GarageBand

Recording an external instrument like Piano, Guitar, Drums on GarageBand is so easy. For recording the Analog instrument as a digital sound require a converter that will convert the analog sound of your Guitar or Piano into Digital sound. You can use Tascam iXZ interface for iPad, iPhone. That is a brilliant gear for your setup. Using this, you can easily record external instrument into the GarageBand. You can also record the sound from the inbuilt microphone but the output would be terrible with noises.

To open the External instrument interface on GarageBand, you need to go to File > New Project and choose Audio Project. Using the same option, you can also record your own voice on GarageBand.


That is pretty much about the very basic of the GarageBand. Using this brief user guide of GarageBand, you can begin to create music on GarageBand. GarageBand on Mac is a powerful tool to create music in a best possible quality in a cheap possible pricing. If you are really serious about music production, GarageBand on Mac will definitely be your favorite thing on your Macbook.

GarageBand on MacOS – Final Words

So, that is all about the GarageBand on MacOS. Installing GarageBand on Mac is super easy. App store has the Garageband and you can download it from there. Using GarageBand on Mac is also easy. The user interface of GarageBand is so intuitive and using Graphics, you can easily find the things on the GarageBand.

If you are not using MacOS but using Windows computer, don’t worry, there are a lot of GarageBand alternatives for Windows PC which are also better than the GarageBand.

Now you know everything about GarageBand for Mac and it is time to create some really great music on it.

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