What is DAW- Digital audio workstation?

Making music is lot tougher than it looks. It involves a number of stages like recording, editing, producing, mixing, etc, before you get to the final product. This is where a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation comes in – unlike older times, you don’t need to buy expensive equipment and a huge space to set … Read more

How to create an APPLE ID?

As an Apple user, one of the first things that will help you get the best of the Apple ecosystem is creating an Apple ID. Not only does it ensure that all your Apple devices are compatible with each, it is also extremely important as all your Apple services are managed by your Apple ID. … Read more

Hey Siri, why Mary Poppins is timeless?

Reading in a distinctive SIRI voice: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, you say, as she flies away with her fancy umbrella. Mary Poppins was released more than half a century ago, and is still, arguable (I certainly would argue), the best Family Disney movie ever released. So what makes Mary Poppins so timeless? Is it just the tunes that … Read more