About Intel Core Processors!

If you’re assembling a computer for yourself, shopping for the perfect processor can be a challenging task. Gone are the days when processors were judged solely on clock speed; as cores have now allowed chip-makers to split tasks across multiple processing units on the same die allowing a significant boost in speed. However, an ideal … Read more

The ultimate list of Alternatives for GarageBand

There was a time when making music was a job only for professionals who could afford studio space and all the equipment that came with it, then came technology; blessed us with Digital Audio Workstations and brought studios and all their equipment to our desks. To your work table, literally that’s all you need.  Ever … Read more

AMD Virtualisation- EXPLAINED!

A flag bearer in the field of Virtualisation technology, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), has made virtualisation even more convenient and efficient than before. If you’re looking for an improvement in your virtualisation experience, it’s time you checkout the AMD Virtualisation; which is essentially an upgrade for your processor that introduces hardware extensions that significantly improve … Read more

Hey Siri, brief me on VMWare workstation PRO!

VMWare works through virtualisation. Virtualisation is the process that creates an abstract layer between the hardware and the software, of your computer. That abstraction layer, known as the hypervisor creates a virtual representation of the physical server which allows you to run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on the same physical server. Those virtual machines can … Read more