Download Garageband for Windows PC Free (Windows 10, 8.1)

Garageband is one of the best apps to play, record and compose music for Mac & Windows users. It’s a digital music production program that is equipped with a wide array of musical instruments and effects. It is used by professional music artists. In this article, we will explain how you can download Garageband for Windows Free.

Though the app is available for Mac officially, you can download Garageband for PC as well. Being a music freak, this is the best music composing for you. You can connect musical instruments like drums, guitar, piano to your Windows PC, and have the best jam of your life.

Garageband is pre-installed in iPhone, iPad, and Mac and you can download the updates directly from Mac store.

Features of Garageband:

  • An intuitive and modern design just like any other professional music studio software.
  • Massive range of music instruments, guitar amp pre-sets and session drummers.
  • Easy to learn, play, record, create and share your music.
  • It features 28 beat-making drummers for virtual sessions.
  • It has a wide range of drums. You can choose from EDM, Rock, Country, Hip Hop and more.
  • It offers acoustic and electronic drum loops that can be customized for your songs.
  • It offers over 100 synth sounds inspired by EDM, Hip Hop, and other modern music genres.
  • It comes with smart pad control to tweak the synth sounds.
  • It offers piano and guitar lessons so you can learn to play music from a real artist.
  • With professional effects like compression and EQ, you can give a professional touch to your songs.
  • You can work on iPhone, Mac or Windows laptop and import songs within the devices.

You can check our guide and download GarageBand for mac from here.

How to Get Garageband on Windows?

Method 1 – iPadian Method

It’s one of the best professional music studio apps that can create music like professional artists. However, you do need a sense of music and skills for it. You can create music on your big screen using the Garageband for PC file since it’s easier than small smartphone screens.

iPadian is an easier way to download Garageband on Windows PC, and there are many guides explaining the steps. It’s a simulator for iOS basically.

You can use Android apps on Windows PC using Android emulators but with help of iPadian, you can experience iOS apps on Windows computer. But you can’t loan any kind of apps and games from the app store. That’s why it’s recommended to use an emulator.

Technically, it’s difficult to install Garageband on PC using iPadian.

Garageband for Windows 10 and 8.1 – Using VMWare Workstation 

Again, there are a lot of guides explaining the installation of the music composing app using VMware. It Is true that you can install MacOS Sierra on Windows but that’s the half story.

It’s not a legit method and MacOS Sierra on VMWARE is a patched version. So our conclusion is that you should not use this method too.

Garageband Free Download for Windows – Bluestacks Method

Garageband is Apple’s own app for iOS Devices like iPhone and iPad, as well as MacOS on iMac, MacBook air and pro. It’s being provided by Apple for free. It’s the best app for music freaks, where you can create great music on smartphones and computers. Creating soothing music is easy since you have a professional studio, gears, and instruments within the app itself.

Using bluestacks you can do the trick, here are the steps:

Step 1 – Download bluestacks from the official website.

Step 2 – Login to your google account.

Step 3 – Install and run bluestacks on your Windows PC.

Step 4 – Run the android emulator, and look for “GarageBand in search option”

Step 5 – Simply click on it. It should start running in no time.

However, we must tell you that if you want to have real GarageBand experience, you should buy a MacBook or iPad and play your favorite music directly on iOS/MacOS. There is no comparison there.

Best Garageband Alternatives for Windows PC

There are a lot of alternatives of Garageband for PC. With these, you can create really professional sounds.

FL Studio:

FL Studio is a really professional music studio app. It’s a music creation software that’s being used by Avicci, Martin Garriz, Basshunter, Deadmau5 and many more international artists. There are hundreds of plugins in it like Bass, Synths, Drums which you can easily install. It’s a popular music production software and it’s better than Garageband. It’s probably the best alternative of Garageband for PC. You can use FL Studio on Android, MacOS as well as Windows.


It’s another amazing music production software that is being used by bands like Linkin Park. During their live shows. It’s an easy and quick way to create beats and dop music loops on the go. It has different instruments and electronic tools to make your music live.


It’s yet another alternative to Garageband. It has a massive library of loops from different genres you can use in songs, and shape your music the way you want with its instruments and effects. You can use MIDI Hardware to control, automate and record sounds. It also has virtual instruments for effects. They are used for emulations of classic synthesizers, rock organs and electric pianos, guitar, drum kits and more. It helps you edit videos too. Creating and enjoying music videos with amazing effects has never been easier.

Pro Tools:

The songs you listen to these days are probably mastered on Pro Tools. It is a music production software used by global artists. All professional music studios are equipped with pro tools. The quality delivered is unmatchable and you can master the game of music with ease here. It’s not a tool for newbie music producers since there are a lot of technicalities in it. You should learn about music production before moving onto it.


Is Garageband Not Working – Here are the fixes!

  1. Is your device updated?

There are iOS updates each month and developers fix major bugs in these updates. So, always install software updates to fix these issues.

  1. Is the app updated?

If you use the latest iOS version, there are chances Garageband is outdated. So, to ensure smooth functioning, always update your app as well.

  1. External Audio Devices

You can use external musical instruments like bass guitars, drums or keyboards with Garageband. You just need adapters and converters that will convert Analog signals into Digital so that your computer, iPad or iPhone can understand it.

  1. Audio drivers and software

The problem could be with your audio drivers or decoders which might be interfering between the devices and Garageband! Make sure the sound is coming from your device. There could be a hardware failure. In that case, reboot your device.

Garageband for Windows PC Free Download – Verdict!

So now you know it all. Garageband is one of the best music creation studios by Apple and you can easily access it on Windows laptops as well. You can also use the alternatives suggested here like FL studio or Pro tools that do the task equally well. If you are into professional music making, you should start learning these tools asap.

With the help of emulators like Bluestacks, and Nox you can download Garageband for PC with great ease. Stay tuned for more updates.